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Anatolian Foods

Anatolian Foods Ltd is a UK based company, trading from London, Beckton. It counts as one of the leading specialists in restaurants, supplying food and drinks. We have partners worldwide and distributes more than 1000 variety of products. We can supply a wide range of high quality products, including chilled, frozen, groceries, drinks and a selected range of cleaning and packaging products to suit your restaurant needs.

Import / Export

We are established in imports and exports, having access to consumers in the European market (Germany, Netherlands, France…etc.) due to its geographical position, located in the UK, mainland Europe. We benefit from the wide transport infrastructure and by having the essential knowledge, know-how and valuable experience in the food supply industry.

Delivery & Collection Services

We deliver to customers in London and the UK, thanks to our 10 well-equipped vehicles with strictly monitored temperature, which keeps your products fresh and delivered in the best way possible. In addition to that, a special discounted price may apply to customers who come and collect their ordered goods at our collection service

Partners & Exclusive Brands

We have a strong relationship with leading partners and suppliers to ensure we can supply our customers with the best possible products and variety, including our exclusive label brands such as Testi Water, Lampsi Salad Oil, Menar Spices, Eclipse Flour and many more.